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I agree! I am an Aquarius and when I found out that Kenya is also an Aquarius, it made me sick to my stomach. Her actions are so ugly! She has to have Scorpio and or Virgo heavy in her chart. If she ends up murdering someone then it would be fair to call her evil…. Th likely to appear that way, because he only listed their sun signs, not their entire birth charts lol. Not all aries are alike, or same with any sign. Sun may be general, but u also may be a leo sun, and have ur moon sign be in cancer..

Rising sign on chart will show ppl have other sign traits because their rising sign is different! Now whose the fuckin dummy Dummy. You must be such a boring person! Aries are fiery and full of fun! I agree. LOLZ, Agreed. There is a lack of sophistication with them, however, they have tackiness, whether being braggarts, over the top hootchie or behind the times, always something like that.

The men are either Lounge Lizards or Nerds, interestingly. I have 2 words to describe aries people: real and fun! I take it you must be cancer or Scorpio? When a sign is too sensitive they take the Aries in the wrong contents thinking they are malicious but this is far from true, tho they make nasty enemies. Calm down people! This thread is about RH sun signs because people who watch these series want are trying to understand the personalities of the women in them.

People with their sun sign in Taurus are very smart,strong and stable. In fact, if you reversed that statement then you may have been more convincing about knowing what you are talking about.

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Joanne is a taurean yet a site has put her as Aries. Lea black as Scorpio tho piscean and Melissa as Virgo tho Aries. It is mandatory that you give the public, on your w2bsite, a dedicated xolumn for ALL Bravo cast mates astrological signs. Lea Black is a Pisces, not a Scorpio. If you type Lea Black pisces on Google, you will see that fans on Twitter asked her what her sign was and she replied Pisces, twice.

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Nope that is a cusp and u have to go according to which type of astrology u use. Actually, she is Pisces. If you do her natal chart, she is Pisces, not Aquarius. You have to do a natal chart when it comes to cusps to see exactly where the sun falls on that day. I was born on the 19th of February.

Unless you were born at exactly the same time in the same year and at the same place as Cynthia you cannot possibly say that you know. You need to get your chart done so you know that you actually do have a Pisces sun. Her birthday is the same as mine- BUT I, in no way a gorgeous as she is I am beautiful, I am just saying she is gorgeous.

What about the husbands??? Can we get theirs as well..

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Jacqueline Laurita is also a Taurus. Kim is a Taurus. Kim and Kandy both shared a bday party. Plus Taurus loves luxury and so does Kim. Alexis is on the cusp and I see both Aq and Cap traits in her. She can be very cold and dogmatic yet very stern and aloof. Also, what sign is Rosie?

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Ronnie is a virgo…. Christina from season 1 is a leo….. Stumbled on this site and it is absolutely awesome!!! I definitely believe that there are certain personality traits that belong to each sign. Curious about another housewife. What is Bethenny Frankel? Sorry if you already answered this in one the threads above. Chris is a Taurus, not a Capricorn. Sag is my favorite sign in the world. Such sweet, good, good natured people.

The things they said about Gemininis in a relationship? Some of that was BS. Oh wow! Given who Cynthia married and who she is friends with, I am thinking that she leans closer to the Aquarius side of her cusp. They will struggle. Earth and Water rule! I just checked out you Bios section. Do you have the signs for any of the children?

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  8. Your site is fantastic, so interesting! Thank you!!!! She is way to nasty!! The suspense is killing me!! Hi, I think some signs may be off or on the cusp. I wish Andy would do an official listing.

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    I also look for for confirmation on the stars social media and what they themselves say on the show or in interviews. You may want to dbl check. Um, who are you??? Are you being paid by AllThingsRH??? My comments were polite and directed to the site admin to clarify. Stay in your lane. Anyone who know me know I know more than most abt celebs and astrology. Joker, Im the queen of reaseach. If you have nothing constructive to add to make the info valid. All along I thought she was an Aries. Happy and sad about that..

    AllThingsRH, this is awesome! I also love we get their husbands too! This can help with understanding a person. There are many other factors like their rising sign, moon, etc that may come into play as well.

    Now with that said, it is possible that these supporting signs may have something to do with why some of the ladies listed lean more if even completely towards another sign. In fact, it seems like in the many seen its their side sign. This is very common among the Baby Boomers. Example 1 Nene Leakes is completely a Scorpio.

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    I have also read that her birthday lands in Dec, but from day one, we all felt that she is most def a Scorpio wife, mom, friend and businessqueen. They also clash big time! If you recall, the first one to rattle and set off that famous taurus temper in the otherwise chill Kandi was Nene. None of this applies to Sagittarius women.. In fact they get along famously with Taurus women….

    It is also likely that she may just have a rising sign in or moon in scorp. Many other factors come into play when looking at the personality traits of an individual; sometimes the sign on the ascendant is more commonly recognised by others as the ascendant is very commonly expressed by the person more so than the sun sign, hence why some people think a person can be a completely different sign than what their sun actually is.